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HAPPY 2018

Characters in The Godfather thought carefully before leaving one gang to work for another. Not only was it a breach of trust, but could mean ending up “sleeping with the fishes.”

As a showgirl, I never knew I was working for mobsters, but as Earl Wilson, a famous New York columnist of the day said in his book, The Show Business Nobody Knows, famous mobsters helped finance almost all the historic, well-known shows, in the United States–including Earl Carroll’s Vanities in Hollywood where I worked for several years.

Going from working at the Vanities, the Folies Bergere and then the Riverside Hotel in Reno, NV, peopled by its antique mobsters from Detroit’s Purple Gang, then bagging a job at Harolds Club gambling casino down the street, could have been considered anti-climatic. Night clubs, gangsters, showbiz–what could be worse? It’s possible Mothers might not have been proud.

Read my new book “Craps & the Showgirl” for the whole story.

The Book

I have been neglecting my Blog but no more! My book Craps & the Showgirl is out, ready to buy from LeRue Press in Reno as well as Needless to say, I am a happy camper. The book is a true story about a little crippled girl who grew up to be a showgirl. Not just that, it is full of rare adventures–all true that I think you will enjoy. I am writing 2 other books as tempus fugus or something. I hope to hear from lots of folks, soon. XXOO

Happy New Year 2017

Just a quick note to let you know we’re still here!! Putting the finishing touches on our latest book “Craps & the Showgirl”. Will let everyone know when it’s finally available. Special promotions for pre-orders – stay tuned…

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: We will be switching over to Showgirlpublishing.NET in the near future. .com will continue to work for a while, but eventually we will abandon it.

Haute August

A Swiss welfare group recruits volunteer assistants to have sex with disabled people. The Welfare Group for Disability and Sexuality also signs up gay volunteers to have sex with homosexual disabled people. The group’s leader said it was a subject that “needed to be tackled.”

“It’s a big taboo that needs to be broken. Having sex is a basic human need like eating and drinking and we have to fight for this right for the disabled,” a spokesperson said, though there is criticism that the group was simply training prostitutes.

“The big difference between the assistants and prostitutes is that the assistants show tenderness and are conscious of the needs of the disabled, rather than rushing and just taking the money,” the spokesperson emphasized.

I wonder how this is being handled for all our wounded vets and other handicapped people in the U.S. I’ve never seen it mentioned, and probably never will!

Half a July

Actually, 2/3 of a July has gone by and I appreciated hearing from those of you who missed me! Finally, I hope, the month has calmed down for me, if I dare say so. I have only suffered what happens to any homeowner–sometimes a lot of things all at once.

Our 4th of July was as usual in Las Vegas. Lots of beautiful fireworks provided for us to see. I live on a hill, so I can see them popping up from all the casino roofs downtown; a real treat. My son and his family go to Big Bear for a week at this time, before the whole clan gets into Halloween mode.

Unfortunately, the weather was horribly hot the first couple of weeks of July, like 110–when my air conditioner decided to resign. I survived for about 4 days without it, had to buy a new one, and then noticed a water pipe spewing a geyser in the yard. No way to contact anybody as Cox cable/telephone etc. company had just come to fix my non-working computer–and turned off my telephone by accident, which turned off my medical alert unbeknownst to me, then sent me a bill for $60 for the experience; nor did my computer get fixed.

Son came home to my mess, and immediately rescued me, bless him to the stars. That’s all the whimpering I am allowing myself this month. A friend of mine in Reno always signs off, “Be well, raise hell.” I feel like saying that for this July.

Another June

How quickly the Junes and other months go by! How lucky we are to be here enjoying them, no matter what flavor we are. And, I wish a lovely June to all my friends and foes alike, for I just read a couple of articles–one said we humans are all so WEIRD and another was entitled, “Why it’s good to be Quirky!” Oh, what to do, what to do–or be.

We all think weird thoughts and do weird stuff and like weird things at some time or another. It seems we humans are all quite good at concealing at least 90% of our weirdness–at least in public. For instance, I wouldn’t dance with my cat in public or wear my apron (yes I DO wear one) to a movie. If I did, somebody would be bound to think I was weird. But that’s just goofy-weird, right? What about darker weird–the thoughts and fantasies and habits we conceal from 99% of the world–maybe even ourselves? Well, it’s the stuff that makes stories, anyway and people like to read those stories. So, be weird, my friends, for you only have about 100 years to do it in. With any luck, you’ll make it. You just have to have the L factor.

Some folks don’t believe in the L factor which is about Luck, but as any gambler will tell you, you get to keep playing until your money runs out. After that, you don’t get any more chances to win. All you can do is all you can do. So, be Weird, live long, and dance with your cat!

May Days

I’m sure anyone interested in beauty or fashion has noticed today’s runway models all seem to have lots of space between their thighs for the wind to blow through. For the life of me I can’t see anything pretty about women with such thighs. Apparently, teenage girls, who will follow almost any rage that gets started, have been following a trend to cultivate thigh gaps causing massive eating disorders.

If it weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious. I have always felt so sorry for girls whose thighs or lower limbs didn’t touch. I was born with such bowed legs I could not walk and spent much of my childhood in Forest Gump braces. Skipping a few years, I grew up to become a showgirl where legs were of major importance. At one famous show I was in, Earl Carroll Vanities, no girl was hired who had a shred of extra daylight showing from crotch to ankle. Of course, models have never been required to have beautiful bodies, just to have thin bodies. And, they do get married and lead normal lives, I guess, but the damage done to their health, potentially, is enormous.

Truly I feel sorry for models, while I also admire their discipline and determination. My question to any young girl–or old girl, for that matter, why would you want to have air blowing through your thighs?

April Highlights

Every month I get a list of fascinating historical dates about women in U.S history from the National Women’s History Project ( I’m proud to be affiliated with the organization and enjoy sharing what I learn from them. April is the month in which Maya Angelou was born, as well as Bette Davis, Billie Holiday, Mary Pickford, Alberta Hunter, Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Shirley Temple, Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Burnett, Coretta King, Eve Arden and many others. I have indiscriminately chosen some well known names. It seems April is a good month for birthing for there are at least four times this many more listed!

I have also found some other “Interesting Stuff” to share, especially as so many things hit me between the eyes that I do, that you might do too: some good and some bad and some inconsequential (good word).
1. Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes!
2. If you sit for more than 11 hours a day, there’s a 50% chance you’ll die with the next three years.
3. A person’s height is determined by their father, and their weight is determined by their mother.
4. If a part of your body ‘falls asleep,’ you can almost always ‘wake it up’ by shaking your head.
5. There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing: food, attractive people and danger.

Those are probably enough pithy thoughts for this month. Write to me at I promise to respond.

March 2015

Where oh where did my February go? It has been a long, sad story. Someone hijacked my website. One day I tried to sign on and there was this huge black screen with lots of jibber jabber on it. My site was completely gone. Suffice it to say, I was upended and frantic. In going over the mess, I finally found that my domain name suddenly belonged to a company in Melbourne, Australia. Originally, about 15 years ago, I purchased showgirlpublishing from Yahoo who either sold it or had it stolen from them or what I really don’t know. They claimed no knowledge. Anyway, it was my first encounter with cyber theft.

I paid their blackmail. I knew no other way so I am now trying to learn how to get the name back to a safer provider than I had before. I’ve learned that this sort of thing is pretty common practice in the cyberworld but typically I never thought someone else would want my domain name. Enough said.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. My book Craps and the Showgirl is with editors and hopefully it will get published this fine year.

Let me hear from you, your comments, thoughts and ideas. Many thanks to you who have been kind enough to contact me for one reason or another. I would like to hear again from the person from Las Vegas who wrote me and I misunderstood what she was talking about and neglected to understand her question. Forgive me please.

Happy 2015

I’m beginning to wonder if we humans are on the road to extinction. It seems we embrace so much that contributes to self-extinction: glutony, drink, smoking, drugs, violence. The dinosaurs had it pretty good until they destroyed each other. I wonder if it is time for another big experiment on earth. What could it be–perhaps something that hasn’t come out of the slime yet. With all the violence between humans it truly seems our behavior is self-destructive and we are totally confused about what to do about it. Maybe Happy 2015 isn’t the wish to make, but better yet, Good Luck for Surviving 2015.