Looking back, Barbara Davis had so many jobs, she calls them “lives.” Long ago when the world was different, young types were expected to get jobs as soon as they were able; out the door and start taking care of yourself, contribute to the family, or to life. That’s the way it was, and it was a good way. Most of the jobs were not anything to make a career out of, but each one taught her things and made up part of who she was.

When Barbara was born, her legs looked and acted like silly putty: soft and pliable. If she tried to stand, they made a big “O” picture. She had been born crooked. Metal and leather braces became part of her life and she walked like Forest Gump in early years.

After graduating from High School, she waited on tables, baby sat, got engaged, went to a community college, bleached her hair and landed a job in show business.

At the end of the first show, which was the Folies Bergere, she went on a visit to Flagstaff, AZ and ended up working with Indians at an ammunition depot. She went from Indians to New Yorkers, from New Yorkers to Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro with another showgirl job—and the adventures just kept coming.

Back in the United States eventually, she intended to live a more sedate, grown-up life. It was not to be. The siren song of show business called again, so she left a perfectly good Fashion Coordinator’s job to work at the famous Earl Carroll Vanities in Hollywood: the “Through These Portals Pass the Most Beautiful Girls in the World” show.  Hype or not, it was powerful publicity. There she stayed until Mr. Carroll was killed in an airplane crash and the Vanities vanished.

Along the way, there were marriages, one of which took her to Reno, NV where, always practical, she combined a divorce and a showgirl job at the same time. The job was at the Riverside Hotel, next door to the court house. For years both had been the major stop for rich and famous divorcees from all over the world.

The Biggest Little City in the World, was beautiful and Barbara stayed on after her contract ended. She got a job in a gambling club called Harolds where she trained as a 3-game dealer.

It was during the time at Harolds that Barbara decided to finish an undergraduate degree at the University of Nevada in Reno. She got a BA, a partial MA and ultimately earned an MS from Boston University.

Through all the years, and all the experiences, Barbara had a habit of taking notes—a habit that has paid off in memories.

Not only has she written a prodigious amount of articles and training materials, but has designed everything from invitations to recruitment posters to greeting cards. One of her spin-offs is Vulture Culture Greeting Cards.

There are also two wonderful kids in her life: her entrepreneur son who lives in Henderson, NV and her Parole Officer daughter who lives in Connecticut.

There’s much more to this biography, but we girls don’t tell everything at once.

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