Craps & the Showgirl

HAPPY 2018

Characters in The Godfather thought carefully before leaving one gang to work for another. Not only was it a breach of trust, but could mean ending up “sleeping with the fishes.”

As a showgirl, I never knew I was working for mobsters, but as Earl Wilson, a famous New York columnist of the day said in his book, The Show Business Nobody Knows, famous mobsters helped finance almost all the historic, well-known shows, in the United States–including Earl Carroll’s Vanities in Hollywood where I worked for several years.

Going from working at the Vanities, the Folies Bergere and then the Riverside Hotel in Reno, NV, peopled by its antique mobsters from Detroit’s Purple Gang, then bagging a job at Harolds Club gambling casino down the street, could have been considered anti-climatic. Night clubs, gangsters, showbiz–what could be worse? It’s possible Mothers might not have been proud.

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