Monthly Archives: July 2015

Half a July

Actually, 2/3 of a July has gone by and I appreciated hearing from those of you who missed me! Finally, I hope, the month has calmed down for me, if I dare say so. I have only suffered what happens to any homeowner–sometimes a lot of things all at once.

Our 4th of July was as usual in Las Vegas. Lots of beautiful fireworks provided for us to see. I live on a hill, so I can see them popping up from all the casino roofs downtown; a real treat. My son and his family go to Big Bear for a week at this time, before the whole clan gets into Halloween mode.

Unfortunately, the weather was horribly hot the first couple of weeks of July, like 110–when my air conditioner decided to resign. I survived for about 4 days without it, had to buy a new one, and then noticed a water pipe spewing a geyser in the yard. No way to contact anybody as Cox cable/telephone etc. company had just come to fix my non-working computer–and turned off my telephone by accident, which turned off my medical alert unbeknownst to me, then sent me a bill for $60 for the experience; nor did my computer get fixed.

Son came home to my mess, and immediately rescued me, bless him to the stars. That’s all the whimpering I am allowing myself this month. A friend of mine in Reno always signs off, “Be well, raise hell.” I feel like saying that for this July.