Monthly Archives: June 2015

Another June

How quickly the Junes and other months go by! How lucky we are to be here enjoying them, no matter what flavor we are. And, I wish a lovely June to all my friends and foes alike, for I just read a couple of articles–one said we humans are all so WEIRD and another was entitled, “Why it’s good to be Quirky!” Oh, what to do, what to do–or be.

We all think weird thoughts and do weird stuff and like weird things at some time or another. It seems we humans are all quite good at concealing at least 90% of our weirdness–at least in public. For instance, I wouldn’t dance with my cat in public or wear my apron (yes I DO wear one) to a movie. If I did, somebody would be bound to think I was weird. But that’s just goofy-weird, right? What about darker weird–the thoughts and fantasies and habits we conceal from 99% of the world–maybe even ourselves? Well, it’s the stuff that makes stories, anyway and people like to read those stories. So, be weird, my friends, for you only have about 100 years to do it in. With any luck, you’ll make it. You just have to have the L factor.

Some folks don’t believe in the L factor which is about Luck, but as any gambler will tell you, you get to keep playing until your money runs out. After that, you don’t get any more chances to win. All you can do is all you can do. So, be Weird, live long, and dance with your cat!