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May Days

I’m sure anyone interested in beauty or fashion has noticed today’s runway models all seem to have lots of space between their thighs for the wind to blow through. For the life of me I can’t see anything pretty about women with such thighs. Apparently, teenage girls, who will follow almost any rage that gets started, have been following a trend to cultivate thigh gaps causing massive eating disorders.

If it weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious. I have always felt so sorry for girls whose thighs or lower limbs didn’t touch. I was born with such bowed legs I could not walk and spent much of my childhood in Forest Gump braces. Skipping a few years, I grew up to become a showgirl where legs were of major importance. At one famous show I was in, Earl Carroll Vanities, no girl was hired who had a shred of extra daylight showing from crotch to ankle. Of course, models have never been required to have beautiful bodies, just to have thin bodies. And, they do get married and lead normal lives, I guess, but the damage done to their health, potentially, is enormous.

Truly I feel sorry for models, while I also admire their discipline and determination. My question to any young girl–or old girl, for that matter, why would you want to have air blowing through your thighs?