Monthly Archives: April 2015

April Highlights

Every month I get a list of fascinating historical dates about women in U.S history from the National Women’s History Project ( I’m proud to be affiliated with the organization and enjoy sharing what I learn from them. April is the month in which Maya Angelou was born, as well as Bette Davis, Billie Holiday, Mary Pickford, Alberta Hunter, Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Shirley Temple, Shirley MacLaine, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Burnett, Coretta King, Eve Arden and many others. I have indiscriminately chosen some well known names. It seems April is a good month for birthing for there are at least four times this many more listed!

I have also found some other “Interesting Stuff” to share, especially as so many things hit me between the eyes that I do, that you might do too: some good and some bad and some inconsequential (good word).
1. Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes!
2. If you sit for more than 11 hours a day, there’s a 50% chance you’ll die with the next three years.
3. A person’s height is determined by their father, and their weight is determined by their mother.
4. If a part of your body ‘falls asleep,’ you can almost always ‘wake it up’ by shaking your head.
5. There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing: food, attractive people and danger.

Those are probably enough pithy thoughts for this month. Write to me at I promise to respond.