Monthly Archives: October 2014

It’ Spooky Time

How can anybody not love Halloween? Of course, it doesn’t appeal to everybody, but it was sure fun when my kids were growing up; at least for me it was. Even today I have silly, Halloween decor stuff all over the house, inside and out. My son has never gotten it out of his system as he has created the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas for the past 20 years. His approach is quite a bit different from mine, but to each his own.

My Halloween icons turned into Vultures several years ago when I decided to make all-occasion Vulture greeting cards. Some of them like to mouth off for Halloween, (they mouth off for everything else) so take a look and see if you’d like to send one to your favorite spook. Go to: and buy a card or tell me why you didn’t buy a card! I love you just the same.