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August Glaze

Living in Las Vegas, words like “Card Sharks” always catch my eye. However, this time the words were in Forbes magazine, and referred not to card playing gamblers, but to Gift Cards.

The article’s sub-title was: “Have an unwanted gift card you’d like to sell–or want to buy one cheap?” It turns out a couple of guys started a business buying tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards from Internet sources and then resells them on the cheap.

It made me think of all the gift cards that must have been given to recent grads that may end up in the pile. It made me think of a couple of big Amazon cards I received at Christmas and have never used. Reminded of them, I will buy something immediately, as they were meant for me, with love.

“If you know your Bible and your Shakespeare and can shoot craps, you have a liberal education.”–Talllulah Bankhead.         (Thank you Forbes)