Monthly Archives: June 2014

Father’s Day

Hot, Happy June! Besides the heat in Las Vegas, the most exciting thing this month is Father’s Day. A wonderful time to fuss over Dads, for those who still have their Fathers; a tender time to remember–for those of us who do not.

If you or your friends like smart-mouthed greeting cards, go to the site and pick out a loving, compassionate Vulture greeting card for Dad. I guarantee you it will be different!

There is also a Vulture story for little kids that is available on Amazon for only 99 cents. It’s Velma: the Story of a Little Girl Vulture by Barbara Riiff Davis. Dad might like that to read to a child as a reverse Happy Father’s Day. Take a look, buy it and read.  I guarantee everybody will learn something they didn’t know about Vultures!