Monthly Archives: February 2014


Remiss me–not posting for so long. I have been finishing and submitting a book, and writing articles. I feel extremely blessed to be able to do so many things. Along the way I ask myself will the days of the showgirl ever be reprised? In a January New York Times article the story asks, why do we keep repeating material and/or heroes such as Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Zombies, loveable Godfathers etc. Someone has called it “retromania” or second hand material. It made me wonder if “showgirlmania” will ever be revived.

Showgirls are historical; it used to be that every major city had venues featuring beautiful dancers and showgirls. Is it that nowadays there are so many beautiful, glamorous women on the streets that women on a stage are no longer special or unique? Is it because on stage they were considered untouchable, to look at from afar–unattainable for the ordinary man: now they are attainable in the office?

A man named T. Barbeiro from California recently visited Las Vegas and later wrote a letter to the editor of the Review Journal. As he was touring the Strip, he saw two women wearing body mesh, thongs, pasties, and a showgirl headdress. He said he thought they were another pair of costumed panhandlers. However, when a little girl looked at the women in awe they kindly smiled and greeted the little girl warmly. He said he realized then that showgirls were symbols and like a “princess” character from a fairy tale.

Can showgirls be rebooted? I hope so. From Ziegfeld to George White Scandals, to Earl Carroll Vanities, Folies Bergere and other lesser know shows, the gamut was glamour and special and maybe not supposed to be attainable for all.

Please drop me a note if you have anything to add. I’d love to hear thoughts from any former princesses!