Monthly Archives: July 2012


Yes. Congratulations to former Las Vegas showgirl TERRY RITTER–in case anyone missed reading about Terry’s beautiful mural in Terminal 3,  McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. Someone was smart enough to commission Terry, a self-taught artist, to create a 50 foot mural of showgirls for a wall that should stand for a hundred years! It is beautiful, colorful and unintentionally makes everything else look drab. I know visitors will go out of their way to see it. Terry is not called “Renoir Ritter” for nothing.

Deny it or not, showgirls helped build Las Vegas.  While being most famous for Bugsy Siegal, the mob, and gambling, it was showgirls that exuded grace and continuously made some of what was ugly, beautiful. There is no doubt they helped draw visitors whereever they appeared. So, thank you Las Vegas decision-makers for the mural and what it celebrates.