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Showgirl Definitions

Through the years there have been different formal definitions for “Showgirl” and many informal ones; I’ll stick with the dictionary ones to be safe.

1.  Online Etymology was the oldest, quoting an 1836 definition: “An actress whose role is decorative rather than histrionic.”

2.  Random House in 1920 printed, “A woman who appears in the chorus of a show, nightclub act, etc.” Later “A non-starring but physically beautiful female dancer in an often lavishly produced theatrical revue.”

3. From the Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles & Occupations: A Showgirl “parades across stage to display costumes and provide background for chorus line to entertain audiences.”

4.  Japanese definition: “Pretty daughter who attracts boys to parents shop.”

5.  Now we know what we were/are/or supposed to be!