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The Superbowl would have been a great place to advertise my book, Craps & the Showgirl, but according to John Forde a super-blogger I know, here are some statistics:

–  I would have paid just shy of 40K to buy a 30 second ad spot in the late 1960s. Today it would have cost me closer to  $3.5 million per spot. Woof!

–  Ad costs shot up 80% per year from 1967-1994 and they’ve shot up about 15% per year since. That’s a 2,300% price jump in those first three decades and 270% in the later period.

–  Not everybody slaps down millions for 30 second spots. The shortest ever Superbowl commerical was in 2009 for Miller High Life. It ran a single second.

from:           2/7/12