The current rationale for this website is to provide a venue for informing friends, relatives and fans (if I have any) about the status of my current book: Craps & the Showgirl—waiting for approval with an editor and publisher.

In addition, I invite any and all present, past or wishful showgirls (if there are any) to contribute comments, articles, or short stories about their experiences in show business. Showgirls are frequently brilliant, but don’t have many places for sharing cerebral stuff they know about. All people seem to want to do is look at them; very strange. Therefore, I invite showgirls to make use of showgirlpublishing.net. There needs to be more written about our waning art form. We have become quaint. Many women nowadays hope and try to look like a showgirl at all ages. In some cases it works; mostly it is a state of mind and implants. If such is the case, and viewers see something there, so be it and God Bless them.

Back in the olden days, there was no plastic surgery and limited enhancements. A truly beautiful girl had to be fortunate enough to be born that way so there were fewer of them. Consequently, they were fairly unique and worth spending a buck to gaze at.

Informal submission guidelines will be under News. Suggestions will be welcome at any time re: content, format, etc. Your work will always be your work and be attributed to you. If enough projects are submitted, we can create an Anthology.

Hopefully some aspiring writers will be motivated to write the great American showgirl novel, become a political showgirl pundit, a “fair and balanced” showgirl reporter, create a showgirl’s cookbook, etc. Let me know if, when or how I can help and you do the same.

This is a new project and will be subject to changes from time to time, I’m sure. Be a part of it and we may get famous, though rich would be better.